Distribution Switchboards

At UNICAT Technologies we have the experience and knowledge to ensure the proper design, installation, and maintenance of distribution switchboards.

As critical components in the overall electrical infrastructure of buildings, industrial plants and other facilities, it is essential that switchboards ensure electrical power is distributed in a reliable, safe and efficient way, complying with industry standards and regulations.

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Understanding your needs

Our team will ensure we research and understand the exact needs of your electrical system, from load requirements to the environmental conditions of the installation site, to ensure the highest standard of performance and reliability.

Reliable, safe and efficient electrical infrastructure

Our focus at UNICAT Technologies always on designing and building distribution switchboards which guarantee a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electrical power to various loads and circuits, minimising downtime and disruptions in electrical supply.

We use the most efficient components on the market and design practices to make safety a priority, incorporating proper insulation, protective devices, and safety features, whilst ensuring maximum efficiency to reduce energy losses, voltage drops, and heat generation.

Easily integrated into your business

At Unicat Technologies, you can turn to us for your distribution switchboard requirements as our team will ensure they fully integrate with all your current systems, with a focus on;

  • Reliability – Through robust construction and components to withstand the demands of industrial environments, using high-quality materials and components, adhering to relevant industry standards and regulations.
  • Energy Efficiency – Minimising energy losses and optimising power distribution efficiency will be considered at design stage to ensure operational cost reduction. This may involve implementing energy-efficient components, such as low-loss transformers, power factor correction equipment, harmonic mitigation systems and high-efficiency power distribution equipment. When coupled with state or the art power monitoring systems then energy efficiency benefits can be realised.
  • Safety – Ensuring protection against electric shock and fire hazards, meeting compliance requirements, safety standards and regulations and incorporating advanced features such as circuit breakers, relays, fuses, and surge protection devices to safeguard equipment and personnel.
  • Ease of use – We always ensure switchboards are organised logically, with ample working space, to simplify maintenance and operational tasks, meaning they are easy to use for your technicians.

For further information, or to discuss the electrical distribution switchboard requirements of your business, contact our team today on 01924 468201