Furnaces, Kilns and Burners

Market leaders in furnace technology

The experience and expertise of the UNICAT Technologies team has been chosen time and again for use in the development of furnaces and kilns used in the aerospace, iron & steel, forging, ceramics, aluminium and renewable energy industries.

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Leading the Way in Furnace, Kiln, and Burner Technology

Our extensive knowledge of industrial heating applications and efficient combustion means we are able to engineer solutions often not thought of by alternative suppliers, giving us a reputation of market leaders in furnace, kilns and burners technology.

Reducing energy use, optimising available space and improving production and processes whilst remaining fully compliant is always at the forefront of our designs.

Bespoke furnace and kiln design and build

Bespoke components and process specific pieces of thermal equipment are designed in conjunction with our customers to ensure quality assurance and regulatory legislation requirements are always met.

All equipment supplied works to very tight temperature uniformity tolerances, and operates in accordance with NADCAP, AMS2750 and customer specifications.

CFD analysis can be undertaken to indicate burner penetration and temperature uniformity, providing vital information in selecting the most efficient design, and as heat recovery techniques are optimised into our range of furnaces, ovens and heaters, our products offer improved efficiencies as standard.

Furnace upgrades and modifications

Upgrades, modifications, servicing and maintenance on existing systems benefit our customers' processes in terms of safety, performance and reliability.

Improvements and efficiencies can be achieved as our thermal process experts use the very latest technologies, offering more precise temperature control, temperature uniformity and temperature measurement.

We have the knowledge and experience to offer engineered solutions with precise temperature control key to the production of cost effective, high quality products.

Our products include;

  • Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Rotary Furnaces
  • Melting and holding furnaces
  • Reheating Furnaces
  • Clam Furnaces
  • Walking Beam Furnaces
  • Walking Hearth Furnaces
  • Lift Off / Top Hat Furnaces
  • Pusher Furnaces
  • Bogie Hearth Furnaces
  • Roller Hearth Furnaces
  • Pit Furnaces
  • Continuous Mesh Belt Furnaces
  • Recuperative Burners
  • Self- recuperative burners
  • Regenerative burners
  • Direct fired burners
  • Indirect fired burners
  • Specialist Process Specific Equipment
  • Tundish Heaters
  • Ladle Heaters
  • Galvanising Baths
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO)
  • High Temperature Kilns (1700℃)
  • Electric Ovens
  • Die Heating Equipment
  • Ladle dryers and heaters

Burners include;

  • Weishaupt
  • Hotwork Combustion Technology
  • Selas Engineering
  • Nu - Way
  • Elster Kromschroder Ltd
  • Hauke
  • Eclipse
  • Lanemark
  • Maxon
  • Fives North American Stordy Combustion Ltd

The choice of furnace or kiln depends on factors such as the material being processed, the desired temperature range, efficiency considerations, and the specific industrial application.

For further information, or to discuss your specific furnace requirements, contact our team today on 01484 550390