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World-leading products, services and solutions for effective, energy efficient thermal process plants.

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Electrical control systems designed to operate in arduous environments and applications, meeting specialist codes of practice and manufacturing needs.

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Premium range adsorbents and a deep technical understanding in engineering PSA systems to lead our customers to the best PSA performance possible.

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UNICAT Technologies are specialists in combustion, process, automation and control systems.

We design, build, install and commission thermal process plant and electrical control systems for chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, renewables and engineering industries across the globe.

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Customised, effective and energy efficient designs to meet individual requirements, adhering to legislative, technical and safety standards.

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Fully engineered and manufactured systems in accordance with our Approved Quality Assurance programme.

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A complete installation, commissioning and aftersales service, with a dedicated team assigned to maintain, service and offer assistance at all times.

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We design and execute projects based on a wide range of experience worldwide in similar projects.

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We ensure our work is focussed on delivering the best possible efficiencies and cost savings for our customers.

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We focus on simplicity of use, designing fully automated controls which are easily understood by plant operators and integrate with existing technologies.

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Providing Industry Expertise & Solutions Worldwide

Featured Project - Fuel Skid for Test Furnace to measure flow of different fuels

Client Glass Futures, Sheffield, UK


  • Design, build and install
  • Gas Skid
  • Oil Skid
  • Oil Tank
  • Gas Safety Panel

Scope of project

Glass Futures were performing fuel switching trials on a small test furnace, for which fuel skids were required, to measure and safety control the flow of different fuels to the burners system.

Fuels to be used included Natural Gas, Hydrogen, LPG, Fatty Acid Methyl Ester, Glycerol and distillate co-product from…

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