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Fuel Skid for Test Furnace to measure flow of different fuels


Glass Futures, Sheffield, UK

Services / Products

  • Design, build and install
  • Gas Skid
  • Oil Skid
  • Oil Tank
  • Gas Safety Panel

Scope of Service

Glass Futures were performing fuel switching trials on a small test furnace, for which fuel skids were required, to measure and safety control the flow of different fuels to the burners system.

Fuels to be used included Natural Gas, Hydrogen, LPG, Fatty Acid Methyl Ester, Glycerol and distillate co-product from Biodiesel production, Bio-oil, Used Cooking Oil, Rapeseed Oil, HVO and Tall Oil.

We supplied a fuel skid and associated control system. The skid was designed in accordance with EN746-2:2010 to supply LPG, Natural Gas, Hydrogen and Nitrogen to the baffle mixer. The skid was designed to regulate the gas supplies at 1 bar down to a working pressure of 500 mbar, with each line fitted with a Coriolis flow meter and flow control valve.

The skid was built into a steelwork frame with suitable lifting points to be moved via forklift truck or overhead crane.

It was supplied with a Gas Safety Panel, with Siemens remote I/O equipment for integration into the Main Control System. Provision for remote operation and safety interlocks with the mains control system were included. The gas skid was designed to supply several different fuel oils to the burners at 2.5 bar pressure and supplied with inline heaters to control the oil temperature up to 100°C.

Other work for the same client has included additional Gas Conditioning Equipment including the supply and install of a Natural Gas Booster remote start/stop functionality, controlled from the main control panel, the supply and install of High-Pressure Hydrogen Regulator and Over Pressure Protection Equipment and the design and installation of the fuel pipework for a CTB furnace.

Fuel Skid for Test Furnace to measure flow of different fuels